How to have an exciting school holiday on a budget

With the school holiday on its way, kids will look for activities to keep themselves busy. Nowadays, the first thing that comes to mind is “do I have enough money” or “we are living in difficult financial times.” The fact is that whether we are keeping busy at home or planning to go on a holiday trip, it is always wise to make good financial decisions and not spend money impulsively.

Activities that require little to no money

Some activities that can be done at home are planting a garden, reading a book, having movie nights, arts & crafts etc. These activities usually require spending little to no money. Some activities can also be done outside of the house such as going to the beach, fishing, and going to the park.

Budget for activities that require a little more money

Two activities that a lot of kids will enjoy are visiting shopping centres or local festivals. These activities usually require one to spend more money, and can also lead to overspending. When visiting shopping centres and festivals it is always wise to train yourself to keep within the financial budget. Such financial decisions will always be beneficial in the long run. Apart from doing activities at home, some of us would want to go on a trip this holiday. When planning a trip, it is always financially beneficial to have it planned in advance. Work out a financial budget for whatever you are going to be spending and keep to it. Save money by doing things such as turning off the geyser when leaving the house to go on a trip. It is also financially wise to buy all or most of your travel accessories at the local supermarket.

Also, remember when planning your school holiday activities or trip, it is always good to teach your kids the value of money and good financial decision making. Related post: 3 Things to Teach your Teen about Money

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