It’s time to submit your Tax Return if you are a Provisional Taxpayer

That’s right the deadline is upon us and you will have to have your T’s crossed and your I’s dotted by the 28th August. Although some will also have their fingers crossed and their eyes dotted too for good measure (from filling out that IRP6 tax return).
Are you a Provisional Tax Payer? Or in other words do you need to really worry about the Provisional Tax Payers deadline?

Is your income made up of more than a salary only –Such as self-employed, earning and additional income?
If you are under 65 is your taxable income greater than R73 650?
If you are between 65 and 75 is your taxable income greater than R114 800?
Or if you are over 75 is your taxable income greater than R128 500?
Did your income come from running your own business?
Or did your income come from dividends earned, interest, rental income,etc?
If you are earning an income from the last point then you need to have earned more than 30 000 for under 65’s and more than R120 000 for 65 and up.

If you can answer yes to the above then you can officially start sweating as you qualify as a Provisional Tax Payer and are in danger of missing the deadline.
If you need some help with your Tax Returns contact us – we are here for more than just moral support.

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