Looking strong and positive – tips for small businesses

Having a small business exposes you to a common set of challenges that if navigated successfully can make your offer look more attractive that your larger competition. The biggest challenges faced by entrepreneurs is managing a business on a shoestring and multitasking to keep on top of the work load.

Assume a larger presence
Just like small animals puff themselves out or make more noise to appear bigger, a small business can present a larger online footprint.  A well-designed website goes a long way to presenting a professional presence. Insure that it is mobile friendly as Google will become more bias to mobile-optimized websites. More importantly your customers are using their phones to search for your services.  With a great website in place you need traffic, use social media and blog articles to build awareness, inform and connect with your audience.

Put yourself on the map
Google maps are being used by so many apps and websites. When customers want to find you they will most likely use Google maps for directions. Although, you don’t need to have store front type of business to have a business listing with Google, it also helps with your search engine rankings.

Prioritize your time
Develop a set of protocols to handle different situations so you don’t lose time.  Decide what tasks are important, which ones require more time and attention and which ones are not time urgent.
Deal with the most important first and work down the list, giving priority to incoming tasks that are more important than the current task.

Treat people well
Getting a personal recommendation for a third party always boosts your business credibility. Bear in mind that with a small business people are buying you so be on your best behavior at all times especially with your customers.

Be positive and dream big
Within every challenge lies an opportunity. With the right attitude difficult times and clients will help you to grow.
Be ready for the “so what do you do?” question and have a snappy answer highlighting your uniqueness.
Be resourceful, flexible, ready to learn from experience and enjoy the journey.


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