Penny pinching without feeling stingy or deprived

There are ways and means to save a little here and a bit there without feeling like you are in the poor house. Especially in winter – just trying to keep warm can mean a heavy heating bill.

Do your homework
Just spending a little time observing local store trends can save you money. Read those store leaflets that clog up your letterbox and take note when and where the specials are taking place. Now driving from location to location to pick up the individual sale items will cost you in travel expenses, so be smart with your bargain hunting. Larger stores generally have times of the month and days of the week when there are more items on sale, so shop then and not on payday.

Keep your pennies for a rainy day
Save all those coins and small change in a jar or container and let it build up. Over time, you will have ‘saved’ a sizeable amount of money that will come in handy for a holiday, or cover you when the regular funds are too short for the last few days of the month.

Keep the cupboards stocked
Having enough ingredients in the cupboard to cook some super meals when the bank account is empty can keep you in good spirits until payday. This is when your bargain hunting and buying extra when an item is on special really pays off. Jamie Oliver calls this cupboard  love.

Wrap up warm
It is easier to turn the heater up or throw another log on the fire than go shivering off into a cold dark room to find another blanket or jersey.  However, just layering up will save on your monthly heating bill and keep you warm and cosy.

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