Solid money habits that will improve your life

We all deserve more, a life of abundance, and should not have to feel like we are living only to just to get by. Being forced or making decisions to pass up on our happiness because we feel that we cannot afford or don’t deserve to be happy. Now, money doesn’t buy you happiness however, it does make life more comfortable but you will never be happy unless you can love yourself and be grateful for what you currently have.
To feel like you are using your money wisely and can still afford to spoil yourself you need to adopt with the right habits.

Always know your bank balance – if you know how much you have you are less likely to overspend.

Start a saving plan to spend on something nice – Obviously, this is not your main nest egg fund. Set up a monthly debit order to place a small percentage of your income into a savings account. This money will be very welcome if you want to put down a loan, buy an ‘executive-toy’ or use as a rainy-day emergency fund.

Put your spending on track with shopping plan of action – decide to cut impulse buying and only buy off the shopping list. Buy groceries items for the week rather than daily, so if it’s not in the fridge or cupboard, it is not on the menu.

Buy yourself something nice (at the end of the month) – this doesn’t have to be expensive, just a gift to yourself to stop you from feeling deprived or depressed that all the money went to bills, groceries, etc. This will also help curb the impulse buying as you will resist the temptation and keep your sights on that special something that you promised yourself.

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