You are wealthy despite the final result of the budget

Getting stuck into the finances and doing the budget almost never uncovers lots of additional money that you never knew existed. However much we earn we tend to match the incoming funds to our expenses. Perhaps this is because we like to feel balanced – even the accounting tools reflect this by calling the expenses vs the income the balance sheet. If you earn more your expenses are likely to be higher for the same types of items – car, shopping, home, etc.  and inevitably at the end of the month the money has been consumed by the expenses.
But despite feeling poor you are in fact considered very wealthy. It is just a question of perspective and not letting the merge amount of funds available after expenses get us down. Here is what makes you more wealthy than most of the rest of the world

  • You have a roof over your head
  • You earn more than minimum wage
  • You have at least one car
  • You have people that care about you
  • You own a cellphone and other electronic gadgets
  • You are educated

Yes… it does seem like cold comfort when the debt is piling up and the income just doesn’t seem to cover it all. At these times it is especially hard to feel wealthy, but if you could say yes to the above points, you are in fact wealthy.

Let us balance your budget and take care of your tax returns and we may just be able to find some extra cash for you.

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